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Last Announcement: L2Vitality PvP is back from 23/02/2014 (not wiped)

I am glad to announce the L2Vitality Network and L2Core NetWork are in same login with MMORPGL2 GAMES NETWORK (The biggest gaming network around) and he are better and more stable than ever. Currently, we're working hard to maintain the server, keep it balanced and seperated for both VIP/Donator players and normal players. We're working hard so you can enjoy a server the way you imagine it and you want it!

For more information and help regarding our work you may contact us in the following Form HERE

We'd also like to inform you that Dion & Gludio Town are for normal players and have been protected successfully so VIP/Donator players can't get in. We're working on a new project where there will be more safety & protection. Furthermore, VIP players can't hit normal players.

Few words about us:
We'd like to inform you that L2Vitality Network stands for 9 years open and it's prepaid for an other 2 years of operation. We maintain the server weekly with new projects, new upgrades and new events! The server is maintained also from VIPs/Donators and has, on daily base, around 300 to 400 players online, from whom the 300 are normal players and 100 are VIPs or donators. Server has DDOS protection

We also serve a huge data protection service during your registration (character registration service) "VNS" Vitality Network Security.More for VNS you see when you login in Vitality Server. We're the first european server with that SMS-VNS service.This service helps the player to be up to date with the last server updates. He/She has the chance to get an sms on his/her mobile for everything (server downtime/uptime/reboot/discounts/events and much more).

The staff won't ever ask for your account password. If someone asks you for your password then he/she might be a thief so please don't give out your password to anyone! GM's (gamemasters) don't either need your password.

For the new players who'd like to play in L2Vitality Network we give them 75-125 euro registration coupon which can be used to donate something from either Donation Shop or Coupon Shop. You can grab your own coupon HERE In addition you have 90% discount for all donate items until 15/01/2014. You can check HERE for the coupons so please check the page above!

Last Updates in Vitality Servers 22-02-2014 click Here to see

Methods for donations are : Paypal, Ukash, Paysafecard, Moneybookers and SMS donation. You can donate via sms HERE

Our client is Interlude and the current patch version is v9.6 in english language

L2Vitality Network welcomes you to our new webpage and forum!
Respect our server rules and enjoy our server! ;)

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